Sprouts & Pumpkin Seeds. 2 min, 2nd Breakfast

I Love fruit for breakfast… sometimes on their own fruits do not fill-me-up though.

Last time I was in England this was the type of fruit salad I made each day, followed by a second breakfast I’m a big fan of Second Breakfast.

Mung Bean sprouts (The easiest bean to sprout), and pumpkin seeds.

That’s pretty much the ingredience list. There are two other things that are essential.

Pink Himalayan (not all salt is equal) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Straight from the fridge is best for the sprouts… when they are chilled the cool kinesthetic adds much to the experience.

2/3 mung bean sprouts

1/3 Pumpkin Seeds

a good pinch of pink salt

and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Combine everything and mix. Done.

That’s not anywhere close to two mins.

This will fill you up after your enzyme and vitamin rich fruit course.

Full Power Mung Bean Sprouts

Got a few more minutes…?

Lets make it pretty, nutrient packed and tasting pretty special.

Additions: Pomegranate seeds, Red Onion and some sprouted Chickpeas.

Chop the onion first, then add the salt. The Salt tempers the onion making it more palitable.

Deseed the pomegranate, during these few minutes the salt will work its magic on the onion.

Combine the mung sprouts and chickpeas spouts, I like to use twice as many mung to chickpea. Throw in the pomegranate seeds, mix and add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Sprouting reduces phytic acid (an anti nutrient). Phytic acid, a naturally occurring compound in seeds and grains binds to minerals including iron, zinc, and calcium preventing their absorption in the small intestine. Sprouting can reduce the phytic acid between 40% – 50% (This Simplicity of Sprouting and why its good for you).

…and the seeds? Ah yes, they too contain phytic acid (Activating your seeds).

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