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More Vegan Life is about sharing a love of good food, enthusiasm for experimentation in the kitchen, and a passion for More Conscious Living.

Héloïse Hedge

Author, Teacher, Botanicsl Boffin & Raw Cake Inventor

Raised on a Good Wholefood Vegetarian diet, I’ve always been creative in the kitchen. Going Vegan was one of the BEST things I ever did.

Following teenage eating disorders, I came out the other side with far deeper understanding of healthy eating and a passion to share that knowledge.

I love ‘veganising’ old family classics, inventing new flavour sensations and making Raw Cakes. I LOVE Cakes!

John Vincent Hedge

Author, Teacher, Superfood Boffin & Raw Curry Creator

Raised on a TERRIBLE diet, I course corrected in my late teens. Going Vegan cured my migraines and saved my health.

Since then I’ve made it my mission to do my own nutritional research and explore the AMAZING health benefits of good natural food.



We are vegan, first and foremost, for ethical and reasons. We have compassion for all Earth Beings. And we respect EVERYONE, no matter where you are on your journey.

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