Coconut Energy Balls – Hotel Room Uncooking

Hotel Room Uncooking: Creating Divine Coconut Energy Balls without a blender, whilst traveling through Sri Lanka. We came up with this recipe using just a few simple ingredients that were available locally.

In our hotel room with VERY basic kitchen tech: just a cup, spoon and a bowl (and a little hot water that the Hotel Kitchen happily supplied).

They were quick, simple to make, inexpensive and SUPER delicious. The Vanilla Extract was a pretty epic addition.

Welcome to the world of hotel room uncooking, where creativity knows no bounds! In the midst of your travels, you too can still indulge in delightful vegan treats.


Ready ground cashews
Desiccated coconut
Cacao powder
Pinch of pink salt
Vanilla extract

Alternative Ingredients:

Ready ground peanut
Sattu powder – roasted chickpea
Cocoa powder – check ‘hidden’ ingredients
Splash of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Soaked raisins
pinch of cinnamon powder


Begin by embracing the convenience of ready ground cashews.
Dice the dates into small pieces and add hot water to just cover them (not much). This will infuse your energy balls with their luscious caramel-like flavor.
In a bowl, combine the cashews with a generous amount of desiccated coconut, adding a creamy touch of texture and flavor to your Coconut Energy Balls.
Add the cacao powder to the cashew and coconut, and mix it thoroughly.
Now add the soaked dates (with only a little of the water) and vanilla extract. This will infuse your energy balls with their luscious caramel-like flavor.
Using a spoon first then your hands, blend and knead it all together until a cohesive mixture forms.
The mixture should be sticky when pressed together between your fingers so you can form it into a ball… if its too wet add more coconut and cashew, if its too dry add a little of the water from soaking your dates.
Once the mixture is well-combined, take small portions and roll them into bite-sized bliss balls. Embrace the creative freedom within you as you shape each ball with love and intention.
Place them on a plate or in a container, ready to be enjoyed at right away

Your Coconut Energy Balls are now complete, a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of hotel room uncooking!! Enjoy with coffee.

If you don’t have a fridge, eat them ALL like me!

May your hotel room uncooking experiences be filled with joy, flavor, and endless possibilities!

Share your hotel room Vegan Energy Ball Creations and let’s inspire fellow travelers to explore the joys of vegan cuisine, even on the go!

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