Beware the Anti-Nutrient…

Food Combining & Maximising the Goodness

The term ‘Activated’ is used a lot today.

Simply put activated seeds are seed that have been soaked then dried.

Many nuts, seeds, grain, pulses, legumes etc, have a naturally occurring substance called Phytic-acid. Phytic-acid is a mineral inhibitor, it literally blocks absorption of iron, zinc and calcium… and can result in mineral deficiencies.

Soaking, sprouting and fermenting removes Phytic-acid (and in the case of pulses like rice, lentils and beans it also reduces the cooking time which also saves energy).

Soaking, sprouting and fermenting quinoa seeds can reduce the phytic-acid by a whopping 98%.

Phytic-acid, the mineral blocker… is also an antioxidant and may also protect against kidney stones. The good news is if you snack on some nuts between meals you’ll get the protective antioxidant effect from the nuts, then later when you eat a meal the ‘anti-nutrient’ qualities of the phytic-acids will be gone. Phytic-acid only reduces the mineral absorption during the snack or meal you’re eating and does not have any impact on your next meal or snack.

Activated is different to Sprouted.

Sprouted seeds are soaked and left much longer to sprout, this releases many micro nutrients not available in the bean or grain.

Another term used a lot ‘Bio-available’ basically this means: Getting more goodness from your food.

If you’ve ever wondered why you often see black pepper added to Turmeric, its because the black pepper makes the curcumin more bio-available to your body.

Consuming vitamin C with Iron makes the iron more bio-available, helping maximise the absorption. Think lemon drizzled over iron rich greens. Vitamin C also help the absorption of vitamin E, adding activated nuts and seeds to your fruits are a perfect paring. 

Pineapple is high in Bromelain, (only found in Pineapple) Bromelain it is an enzyme that helps break down proteins into amino acids so your body can absorb them easily… See the: Pineapple (Protein) Zinger Smoothie bowl.

Cruciferous vegetables & Selenium: When you pair cruciferous veg like broccoli, cauliflower, kale… with Selenium rich Brazil nuts, mushrooms, pinto beans, brown rice… you get more goodness from your food.

Onions and garlic are high in sulfur, Sulfur increases the absorption of zinc, an important mineral for boosting immunity. So combine onions with whole-grains or legumes and nuts.

Beta-carotene is good for your eyes and skin, beta-carotene is more readily absorbed when combined with fats… think carrot, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin and avocado, EV Olive Oil, Hemp Oil

Food combining is a huge subject… and these are just a few simple combinations:

  • Iron + Vitamin C
  • Cruciferous vegetables & Selenium rich foods
  • Orange vegetables and EV Olive oil


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