Creations in the Kitchen
The More Vegan Life Way!

 Join Us On Our Culinary Exploration and Experimentation of Delicious Vegan Delights...

Sharing our passion for healthy, delicious tasting vegan food

Hi, we're Heloise & John and we'd love to share our passion for Vegan foods with you. We definitely eat a vegan based diet because of ethical reasons first and foremost. When you couple that with the health and taste benefits you're onto a winner, right.

It's easy to eat a healthy and balanced vegan diet. We love exploring new tastes, creating art-on-a-plate dishes and sharing food with friends... and thats what More Vegan Life is all about.

We met over 13 years ago and it was love at first bite! We've shared a passion for cooking and inventing in the kitchen ever since...

Setting each other challenges... like John's idea for using sweetcorn at every course (FAIL!!), my 5 minute desserts (WIN-WIN)... and Ready, Steady, Cook style challenges with each other.

Expanding our own knowledge of food and the health benefits of great tasting foods.

Our latest challenge has been a bit of competition... who can create the most amazing smoothie bowls (See all our smoothie bowl creations on Instagram)

Still to date, my favourite 'Come dine with me' challenge winner was our son Harrison's Garden Salad... No, not that kind of salad... He was 9 and his 'garden' had a grass of peas, bushes of broccoli and a tofu path! And main course was a veggie sausage volcano with tomato lava and all!!

Spreading awareness of the simplicity of creating healthy, delicious tasting Good Karma Foods

Without Judgement, Just Cool Vibes 🙂

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