I’m Still Hungry

Vegan Nutrient: The Big and the Small

Macro nutrients are the big pieces like protein, carbohydrate, fat… Micro nutrients are the small things, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes…

Amino-acids are ‘micro-nutrient’ that come from protein, a ‘macro-nutrient’, (not all micro nutrient come from macro nutrient), proteins break down into amino acids to become absorbed by the body and used to build muscle.

A Good Vegan Nutrient Balance of both is important.

“I’m still hungry!”

Many years ago our diet was manly a cooked one, with a few vegan fried breakfasts, potatoes and even those soya sausages…

Way back in the early nineties raw food equaled salad. We were unaware of the culinary magic that could happen with blended cashew nuts, dehydrated veggies and sprouted beans and lentils.

With salads normally something on-the-side, we went to a brand new and expensive Raw food restaurant in London with a group of friends. All of us left hungry! So off we went to grab another quick bite somewhere else before going home…

But why? It shouldn’t have been like that!

One of the things you can do to ensure you are satisfied at the end of your dining experience is to ensure that you’ve hit all the important macro dailies.

Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates and fibre (a form of carb), nicely balanced and you’re more likely to feel full.

The fat from an avocado or olive oil is completely different to the cheap vegetable oils* used to fry something, fat is your friend… its essential. You’ve heard of Bulletproof MCT Oil Coffee that helps you lose weight. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil is 100% fat and over 90% pure saturated fat at that.

* Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) or E319 is used in many oils (its also used in paint and Varnish!), cheap fats are bad and the additives are worse!

Lacking in salt is also something that can leave you still feeling hungry… or faint even as I found out in Koh Phangan after 3 weeks there in March, sweating so much, loosing salt and not consuming enough. Another demonized essential. 

Cheap table salt may contain Silicon dioxide, fluoride, toxic amounts of  aluminum derivatives,  it could even contain sugar! (dextrose). Table salt is white because its BLEACHED! Table salt might not even be veggie… it can contain E542 aka bone phosphate (produced from grinding animal bones). Our advice is to avoid it!

Sea salt can be contaminated with mercury and nano-plastic…

The very fashionable Pink Himalayan salt or any other rock salt is our recommendation :))

So you’re feeling good about yourself after eating that huge bowl of fresh fruit and nuts, plus the smoothie… but you’re still hungry! Fruits, nuts and seeds don’t really contain any salt. So if you’ve switched from eating toast (which even has added salt in the bread) and spreads, many of which have added salt, you could be missing humble sodium-chloride.

And of course… Hydrate.

Dehydration and Hunger are synonymous. Thirst can lead to overeating when really all you need is a glass of pure clean water.

Want to Feel FULL:

– Include Your Daily Macros
– Get GOOD Quality Salt
– And Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

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