Maca Orbs – Energy Balls

These Vegan Energy Balls are simple to make and create your own unique version.

This recipe is one of our classic energy balls that pleases a wide range of palettes… it’s super quick and easy to make with inexpensive ingredients.

Makes about 12 Super Yummy Vegan Healthy Energy Balls!! In-Joy


In the Mix

1 Cup Seed Mix*

1 Cup Ground Almond

1 Dessert Spoon Maca Powder**

5 Chopped Dates

2 Dessert Spoons of Tahini***

Optional Salt to Taste

Maca & Chocolate Balls

Optional Changes

*Seed Mix: I like to use a seed mix of flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds… you can use what ever appeals to your palette

**Switch out for Cocoa for a chocolatey Energy Ball

***Switch out for a different nutty butter… like peanut butter, ideally 100 pure nuts and avoiding any nut butters with added sugar

Method: Making Your Vegan Energy Balls

1 Add seeds to food processor and blend for a few seconds until chopped but still crunchy.

2 Add ground almond, maca powder, optional salt and mix

3 Add chopped dates and mix

4 If you don’t have a food processor you can just use a mix of ready ground seeds and finely chop the dates

5 Add Tahini and mix until the mixture is ‘tacky’… ie, it is sticky and rollable between your fingers without coating your fingers in a sticky, gloopy mess!!

6 Ingredients vary so the Mixture Consistency is more important than exact measurements of ingredients… if your mix is too wet add more ‘dry’ ingredients (like the ground almond)… if your mix is too dry add more nut butter

7 Once the mix is ‘tacky’, roll into walnut sized balls between the palms of your hands… and place in fridge to set

8 In-Joy and Share

How Were Your Maca Orbs?

Did you make any Unique modifications to the recipe?
Let us know in the comments below.

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