When There Are Blackberries…

This Summer John and I went crazy for blackberries… It seemed every walk we went on, the bushes were overflowing with tons and tons of ripe, juicy blackberries. We started taking tubs with us and as the dogs sniffed the bushes, we picked them (much, much higher up of course!).

Our blackberry recipe repertoire had to be expanded… from deserts, smoothies and even a blackberry curry!

We made this smoothie a few times and and refined the recipe.

Typically we remove part of the smoothie at different colour stages so that we can create a more colourful smoothie bowl, like with both the Blackberry Ripple and Purple Galaxy Smoothie Bowls below.


Yellow ‘Base’ Smoothie: 1/2 Mango, 2x Kiwi, 1x pear, handful of grapes, 2x tsp pea protein

Dark Purple Smoothie: The yellow ‘base’ smoothie with the addition of LOTS of blackberries

Light Purple Smoothie: The dark purple smoothie with the addition of a tickle of coconut cream

Hidden Fruit Layers: Both of these bowls also have the same fruits as fruit pieces beneath the smoothie layers

Sparkles: Edible Vegan Glitter (which also doubles as awesome eye shadow!)

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