Yoga & Organic Art Retreat in Cornwall

3 Days Fri 14th to Sun 16th July 2023 (3 Nights Thur, Fri, Sat)


Come immerse yourself in Organic Art, Yoga and Nature in this boutique glamping retreat in beautiful Cornwall. Relax into the wild and tranquil space beside the river, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and admire the dark skies of Bodmin Moor.

Set in a beautiful wooded valley, next to a river… Days begin with gentle hatha yoga by the riverside… followed by the opportunity for an early morning dip in the natural bathing pool.

Healthy, filling vegetarian/vegan food is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner… including raw cakes because we love cake. All food is lovingly created by us and dietary options are available.

Inspired by nature we will explore Organic Art techniques: natural found things assemblages and mandalas; stone paint making; creativity foraging; flower printing and pressing (everyone leaves with their own simple flower press); Plant Art techniques and ideas; Artist Charcoal making from branch selection to finished Artist Charcoal Sticks (everyone leaves with a selection of Artist Charcoals they created); Charcoal Art techniques and ideas; Charcoal Ink making; Land Art Sculptures, Assemblages and Mobiles.

This area of Cornwall is steeped in natural beauty and mystical legends, a magical place for sunset Pranyama and Yoga Nidras focused on creativity, in all its forms… secluded away in a wooded glade, including a sound healing meditation.


  • High Vibrational Food: including three meals a day, plus snacks, teas and infusions.
  • Morning Yoga: Gentle Hatha Flow and Pranyama (1hr)
  • Organic Art Projects: Making and Creating (2.5hr)
  • Afternoon Self Tuned: Do what you like… art, relax, explore
  • Natural Pool and Lake Wild Swimming (optional)
  • Afternoon Walks and Creativity Foraging (optional)
  • Sunset Yoga Nidra: Pranyama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation in Nature (1hr)
  • Quirky Accommodation with 3 nights stay in the wild-ish


To fully immerse yourself in this experience we welcome you to arrive for Thursday night. Relax into the wild and tranquil space beside the river, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and admire the dark skies of Bodmin Moor.

We have teas and cold herbal infusions, and healthy snacks available 24 hours for your comfort.

8.30 Gentle Hatha Yoga & Energising Meditation. Outside in the glade beside the river (or in our beautiful Indian inspired tent if the weather is inclement)

9.30 Cold Plunge Pool!! Optional. Take a morning dip in the natural bathing pool.

10.00 Breakfast. Balanced, healthy, filling breakfast… plant based.

11.00 Organic Art Workshop. We will explore different organic art techniques, creating several smaller pieces… and larger pieces over the course of the weekend.

Natural found things Art Assemblages and Mandalas; stone paint making; and creativity foraging, including selecting good branches for making Artist Charcoals.

Flower printing and pressing (everyone leaves with their own simple flower press); Plant Art techniques and ideas.

Charcoal Art techniques and ideas; Charcoal Ink making; natural stamp and stencil making… and lots of time to explore and create.

13.30 Lunch. Buddha Bowls Baby. Balanced, healthy, filling, plant based Buddha Bowls and raw cakes.

15.00 Afternoon Self Tuned. Do what you like… art, relax, explore.

We welcome you to use the studio if you would like to continue on your Art Projects.

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of just ‘being’ here in nature; relaxing in the beautiful grounds or exploring the local area.

This area of Cornwall is steeped in natural beauty and mystical lengends… with hidden moonstones, celtic crosses, holy wells, woodlands, moorlands and cute little village pubs all within easy walking distance… and Golitha Falls, Stone Circles, Dozmary Pool, Carnglaze Caverns and famous Bodmin Moor slights and tors are all just a short drive away.

(16.30 Optional) Walking is an optional activity in the late afternoon, where we will also be forage for natural objects to star in our Organic Art Creations.

18.00 Pranyama and Meditation in Nature. In a little secluded glade, by a babbling brook come on a deep meditative journey. Focused on creativity, in all its forms.

19.30 Dinner. Something different each night. Includes Friday & Saturday evening meals.

Friday: Dinner is a three course plant based private dining experience in a beautiful Victorian Farmhouse with a dark skies, starry night walk back (or a lift back in the car if you prefer).

Saturday: Dinner will be around the campfire, by the river… where we’ll also be cooking our Artist Charcoal Sticks.

Sunday: Dinner not included.

The retreat finishes at 4pm on Sunday so, schedule is as below:

Sunday 15.00 Pranyama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation in Nature. In the mature Bluebell Woods… surrounded by wonderful Land Art Creations.

Sunday 16.00 Goodbyes. Afterwards you are welcome to enjoy the grounds and lake until you are ready to leave


Our morning Art Workshops will be at our secluded riverside campsite (with all modern eco amenities) with expansion into Heloise’s family home, 14 acres of gardens, woodlands, nut groves, orchards, and sustainable gardening.

Accommodation is something cute and quirky… at the campsite you can be surrounded by nature in a funky landpod and a super cool hanging treehouse pod… all off grid and sustainable, wildish with super comfy extras like super nice showers.

The Landpods have two double beds, sofa and chill out space… plus beautiful outdoor (covered) eco shared bathroom. They are beautifully set in a small flat meadow beside the river… drift to sleep with the sounds of active water and the occasional owl.

The Treehouse Pod is unique indeed… suspended from the tree and hanging in the woodlands, you will be literally immersed in Organic Art and Sculpture! The Tree Pod has two single beds, private outdoor (covered) eco bathroom and your own little campfire.

Plus we have some indoor, en-suite options available too… Cute Cottage accommodation in St Neot with pick up/drop off available throughout the day (or 30 min walk). Both shared twin and private doubles available.


All the food is lovingly created and curated by the More Vegan Life team… this is wholesome, filling and healthy food to nourish your soul. With over 30 years combined vegan culinary experience you can expect a range of smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, cooked and uncooked, balanced meals full of flavour using organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible… and our own range of superfoods.

We can cater for most dietary requirements, just get in touch and let us know what you need. All meals will be free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar.

Organic Art Teacher: Heloise Hedge

Heloise creates: from Iron working to sliversmithing, photography to digital art, polymers and paints… Heloise’s experience artistically creating is eclectic. Today ‘Organic Art’ is her focus. Just like the organic raw cakes she creates at MVL, organic is her preferred medium for art-work today. Heavily inspired by the abundance of nature in the tropics of India (where she spent the lock-down years), ephemeral art and long lasting art projects created entirely with nature adorn her home… and some of the homes of those she’s gifted her Organic Art too.

“Nature is beautiful… simply recombined your creativity can shine through Mother Natures Organic Art.”

You’ll be working with many different mediums of organic materials to create projects you can take home, keep, gift on and be inspired by. Heloise will give you everything you need to get started, inspire you and bring more nature into your life.

Heloise welcomes you to her homeland… the very country lanes, gorse covered moors and secluded river valleys that first sparked her creative aspirations

Yoga Teacher: Vivi

Vivi is an experienced yoga instructor with over 20 years teaching yoga, training herself with some of the best instructors India has to offer… always striving to improve herself, Vivi regularly renews and improves her knowledge and understanding of yoga… both traditional practices in India and more modern takes, such as her very popular Sup Yoga sessions… its all about balance.

In a tranquil meadow by the river, we will wake up each day with juice shots followed by gentle awakening yoga… inspired by Hatha and Ivengar Yoga to stretch, open and gently energise your body.

Vivi will also be sharing her Gongs during your stay… taking you DEEP into healing bliss, Gong Bath experience.