Minerals are essential for many functions and chemical reactions in your body so they need to be included within a healthy diet. There are two groups of minerals essential for our bodies: ‘Major Minerals’ and ‘Trace Minerals.

I’m Still Hungry

Vegan Nutrient: The Big and the Small Macro nutrients are the big pieces like protein, carbohydrate, fat… Micro nutrients are the small things, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes… Amino-acids are ‘micro-nutrient’ that come from protein, a ‘macro-nutrient’, (not all micro nutrient come from macro nutrient), proteins break down into amino acids to become absorbed by the …

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Vitamin E

  Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamin for protection against the effects of aging and keeping you young due to its incredible antioxidant properties. Found naturally occurring in eight different chemical forms, there is only one type that meets your nutritional needs, Alpha- tocopherol. The research and benefits of Vitamin E and …

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