Creations in the Kitchen
The More Vegan Life Way!

 Join Us On Our Culinary Exploration and Experimentation of Delicious Vegan Delights...

Hello 🙂 We're Heloise & John. 

Meeting over food 14+ years ago, it's been an onging passion that we've continued to develop and deepen. An evolving journey where we've learnt alot along the way...

A love of good food, gustitory imagination, culinary creations and experimenting in the kitchen. Exploring new cusiness, different flavours and the amazing health benefits of delicious foods.

And it's that passion for cooking and (un)cooking that we'd like to share with you today.

Welcome to our website. Explore... experiment... and enjoy wonderful vegan foods with us 🙂 Connect and comment, let us know what's cooking in your kitchen 🙂

Some of Our Recent Creations

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